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Stirring public opinion field several months the supreme law of the "inside" news, on Friday (22) astonishing reversal - announced joint investigation, the original method is the highest "thief", but the thief is not whistleblower, intentionally or not, alluding to the Supreme Court, zhou qiang, but the whistleblower lin-qing wang himself thief shout to catch the thief, also directed the distress video from the judge.


Cui yongyuan, a Chinese media celebrity who had been assisting wang, lost his voice on social media that day, but he has not been heard from.


It is said that cui yongyuan's micro blog stopped updating at 6 o 'clock on the 22nd, and his tweet stayed in a black screen posted late at night on the same day, causing people's infinite reverie.


His friend, yuan li, said he could not be reached.


Li zhuang, a former lawyer, said the phone confirmed that cui yongyuan was safe at home;


The weibo account "senior media xiaomin" revealed on Wednesday that cui yongyuan was not forced to take any measures. He was taken to assist in the investigation 10 hours before the report of the joint investigation, and walked out of the site around midnight to ask about the location.


"Senior media small grass people" micro-blog certification for China jiji news agency sichuan channel news center director and China law society members.


Now, both li zhuang and "little grass man of senior media" have been deleted.


Where did cui yongyuan go?


Opinions vary.


Since there was no official announcement of his guilt and every few days there was news that he was "all right" and no voice of his own, a reasonable assumption was that he was under house arrest, subject to restrictions and surveillance, and silenced.


So what's next for him?


This is the general "cui fan" worry, also lets other public opinion circle active personage be quite concerned about the question.


From the current public information, cui yongyuan himself was not involved in the case of 100 billion mining rights, nor did he take away the file without permission. He just used his huge personal influence to help wang linqing make a voice, which is not a crime.


Nevertheless, wang linqing is filmed, the case data that flows out on the net after, be accused to involve a country secret, cui yongyuan issues case vice volume material on the net, that he also leaked a country secret, can you be asked for a crime?


Is it possible to escape altogether?


This is the great suspense of his fate.


About cui yongyuan's end, a saying is, cui yongyuan may in the near future, will publicly admit, such as wang linqing on television admit, settle the matter.


Of course, this is tantamount to losing his credibility by publicly admitting that he kept asking questions loudly and questioned whether the supreme people's court (SPC) was behind the scandal. In fact, it was his own head that led him to misbelieve wang linqing. It is also tantamount to admitting the conclusion of the joint investigation team.


This may allow cui yongyuan to escape, from punishment, but his "messenger of justice" image will also collapse, the future play "uncover black warrior", more difficult.


Still have one says, it is cui yongyuan is alleged to be wang linqing accomplice and accomplice, namely he knows wang linqing to guard the essence that steal oneself from behind bars early, have interest to hook up even with wang linqing, acted the drama of this con world jointly so.


However, this saying and cui yongyuan's background and his consistent image conflict too big, credibility is low, more difficult to win the trust of the people.


Another possibility is that cui yongyuan may disappear from the public opinion field for a long time, or even forever, and no longer give a voice to anything.


If this is the case, the plot will never be made public -- cui yongyuan did not admit he was wrong or disagree with the investigation team's conclusions.


And the mystery never ended in the minds of some.


In an interview with lianhe zaobao in January, cui yongyuan said he was positioning himself as a patriotic public intellectual and "it's like I'm the only one in the country".


Cui yongyuan also said that the Supreme Court's accusation to his reputation damage is very big, hope the Supreme Court to apologize to him, compensate him for the loss, even if only compensate two yuan, that is the progress of the legal system.


Unexpectedly, joint investigation conclusion, if verified, cui yongyuan ought to apologize, he only harmful to the reputation of the highest law - although folk view is polarized, some legal experts trust to the joint investigation conclusion, there are also many people think that unbelievable, there is a netizen said "just", over the years, from corruption in our social politics inside, what thing can't happen?


The stunning reversal of wang linqing's case once again reveals that it is not easy to be a public citizen in China, and it is not just a matter of courage or indignation.


The complexity of human feelings, the complexity of reality and the interlacing of different forces make the act of exposing the dark full of unknown risks.


Cui yongyuan in his early years for genetically modified video issue controversy, recently denounced the ministry of agriculture, in fact, not every revelation has been confirmed.


As a man, I hope he can finally have a chance, and I am also willing to speak frankly about his views on the conclusions of the joint investigation team. If there is a mistake, I will admit it. The public also hope that the conclusions of the joint investigation team can stand up to the test and argument, so that everyone can be convinced.


Some comments said that this incident has severely damaged the image of supervision by public opinion in China. In the future, all parties will surely have more scrutiny and reflection on supervision by public opinion.


However, we hope that China will not give up eating for fear of choking, and send the message that China does not need public knowledge or supervision by public opinion.


If so, it is not a blessing for the people of the country, but a great loss. I believe that this is not the message that the leadership wants to send to all the people on the road to modernization.

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