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When a man marries a woman, people will naturally think of an ancient Chinese saying, "when a man marries, a woman marries." when a man reaches a certain age, he should marry and when a woman reaches a certain age, she should marry.


There are all kinds of people in life.


There are all kinds of strange fault, so encounter who is not suitable for communication, can not choose as a spouse of people?


There's a catch.


Chinese culture has a long history for thousands of years of precipitation, diligence and wisdom of the old ancestors in daily life, they have experienced,, through the lessons, environment that shining proverb education significance, has been passed down from generations of, let posterity know colloquial expressions of the mean, less detours in life back, tunnel.


Today, many philosophical sayings are still handed down from generation to generation. A saying Shared by sohu website -- "a man will not marry five, a woman will not marry six" is very instructive. Let's have a look


For a man not to marry five


The five types of women that a man can't marry, so what are the five types of women?


One, the woman that do not behave well: no matter be ancient still be contemporary, the idea that the woman is right husband from a to z all the time very firm, a few chop and change, everywhere spare, the woman that gives husband to send cuckold, often can be pointed at by the common people, be spurned even.


Two, not filial piety woman: filial piety is the virtue of the Chinese nation, whether it is filial parents or in-laws, all want the same mentality, also from the filial piety this event, see a woman's conduct, filial people, often kind-hearted, people and gas, conduct regular, everything is successful!


Three, love to spend money woman: the modern concept of some people is, you are responsible for the money to support the family, I am responsible for the beauty of flowers, often thousands of thousands of cosmetics, bags, clothes, wasteful spending money, without a trace of the idea of saving, such a woman, the future marry a woman, husband's family will be worried!


Four, unreasonable woman: everything take her as the center, get reason not rao person, everything is she right, you wrong, play with you depend on, can't effective of communication, long-term past go on, inevitable result 2 people have estrangement between, one day will erupt eventually.


Five, too narcissistic woman: feel good about themselves, encounter a little matter, on the occasion of breaking up, divorce, also often say, points, from, waiting to marry her man can row dozens of meters away, not really want to live well with you!


Women don't marry six,


Six types of unmarriageable men. Which six types of men?


One, not filial man: just said, filial piety is a person the most basic embodiment, when this man is not filial his own biological parents, you can also expect him to be good to you?




Not filial people, the mentality is very selfish, wake up!


Two, too lazy man: the old man often said, hard work to get rich, a lazy man, you can count on him to bring you good days?


He can't even live on his own. How can he give you the happiness you want, can he?


Three, don't struggle of man: life in the world, no matter for parents, or wives and children, or oneself, all have to go to a good struggle, bring happiness to the family of the day, when a man mix to eat etc.


Four, love gambling man: saw how many love gambling people finally broke up, it may be said is the lesson of blood, a property millions, tens of millions of families, not a few years of kung fu, it may be said to be jaw-drop, the old saying often say, ten wager nine lose, or wake up!


Five, too flower heart of man: morning and night four, play the field, such of person, heart sex forever change not, today have much loyalty to you, tomorrow ability to other woman much loyalty, therefore, choice of companion, no matter be male, still female, all want to think twice, careful choice.


Loser man: are you sure you want to live your life with a loser man?


Even if he abandons you in front of bad people?


This is worth pondering!


Well, the above is the general meaning of the common saying is covered, I do not know after you see is not the feeling that the ancestors left the common saying is really pay attention to, these common saying is not said particularly right?


These kinds of men and women can really marry not, marry not, said small will delay their youth and time, said big is to destroy their life!

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