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杨荣文、郑永年:确保崛起过程中与世界接轨 中国需要一场新的新文化运动


Yeo described the United States as having contributed greatly to China's development in the past 40 years, and the historical friendship between China and the United States should be recognized and revived in the may fourth century.


To commemorate and reflect on the May 4th centenary, Singapore's former foreign minister George yeo, who has long observed the history of international culture, and zheng yongyan, director of the east Asia institute of the national university of Singapore, both agreed that China needs a new new cultural movement to absorb world civilization with a modest and inclusive attitude and ensure China's continued integration with the world in the process of its rise.


Hosted by the Singapore alumni association of Peking University and co-organized by lianhe zaobao, the "May 4th movement centenary review" keynote speech was held at the Singapore Chinese cultural centre last night.


Early on, the audience who successfully registered for the May 4th movement spent the centenary of the May 4th movement in an auditorium full of more than 500 seats, listening to the collision of ideas, poetry recitation and dialogue.


Both yeo and zheng started with international relations and cultural thoughts respectively, but the focus and focus of their speeches are on the same issue: how to inherit the legacy of the May 4th movement and how to face the future with this legacy to benefit China and the world?


In his English speech, George yeo, who is also a member of the international advisory committee of Peking University, outlined the background of the anti-japanese demonstrations by university students in Beijing on May 4, 1919.


A hundred years from now, the Chinese should once again reflect on how the world views them today.


'the big difference between now and then is that China, once spurned by other powers, is now increasingly feared by some of them,' Mr. Yeo said. 'it's a dramatic shift.'


"It would be wrong if the centenary motto of the may fourth movement was to constantly stress resistance to foreigners, and the fierce nationalism of China a hundred years ago was correct because it was self-defence.


But what is needed today is not clenched fists, but friendly hands.


China can make this change because it is strong and it will become stronger.


George yeo also remind, anti-chinese sentiment in the United States over the past few years condensed rapidly, but at the beginning of the last century, the United States is the western powers the greed of the least for China, the United States will receive the qing government reparations, let the Chinese students to set aside part of the Massachusetts institute of technology, Harvard University and college to study in the United States, and also helped to set up such as yanjing university and Beijing union medical college, education and medical institutions.


He described the United States as having contributed greatly to China's development in the past 40 years, and the historical friendship between China and the United States should be recognized and revived in the may fourth century.


Yeo also cited the exchanges between Indian poet tagore and Chinese scholars as examples to illustrate that China and India also respect each other's time-honored civilization.


Mr Yeo concluded by calling for a new cultural movement to reconnect China with the world in different directions.


"If you don't want the Chinese dream to be a nightmare for some countries, you should have a deeper understanding of their fears," he said.


This must start from the heart, '54' is the inner voice.


"" the May 4th centenary should call for the Chinese dream to become part of the global dream of mankind.


The May 4th spirit is to strive for the common destiny of mankind.


Zheng yongnian: Chinese culture lacks enlightenment


Speaking in Chinese, Mr Cheng, who is also an adviser to the Singapore alumni association of Peking University, said several times that he agreed with Mr Yeo's call for a "new and new cultural movement".


Zheng yongnian also demonstrated from the history of the May 4th movement and China's "retro" wind in recent years that China's cultural enlightenment is insufficient and political enlightenment is excessive.


He suggests that China's cultural enlightenment can learn western cultural Renaissance movement and the new song dynasty Confucianism movement, enlightenment to develop based on their own traditional culture, but not restore ancient ways, more is not a rejection of western culture, but to absorb in the western culture, especially the Christian culture, because the role of Christian culture presents more and more secular.


Zheng yongnian think, China is not must be implemented in the form of the United States or western democracy and freedom, can use their own way to meet the needs of the people's democracy and freedom, the western experience has shown that cultural enlightenment must be far ahead in political enlightenment, as a result, he argues that China's ruling party should not emphasize the aspects of "May 4th" patriotism, light should more focus on the contribution of the may fourth new culture movement, "the new culture movement to now is far from over, the May 4th movement is not dead, even if you have died to save it back."


He warned that if China blindly opposes westernization and ignores the valuable things in its own tradition, instead, it will "restore ancient ways" to the negative traditional factors such as myths and male superiority and female inferiority, and China will certainly go backward and deviate from the world.


Before the two speaker speech, President of Peking University alumni association in Singapore Fu Fangjian when delivering, must never go out of style "May 4th" spirit, Singapore press holdings of Chinese media group President hui-ling lee said when delivering, profoundly affected the overseas Chinese "May 4th", "May 4th" not only belongs to China, but the overseas Chinese community ties with China.

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